Ugo Visciani

Ugo is the fourth generation of Visciani photographers. Following his father's steps and working with his uncle in the dark room, he quickly became passionate about the world of photography. 

He started his career working with black and white analog photography, developing photographs in the dark room until the late 70s and at the appropriate time he switched to color photography, always providing excellent work. After training and learning with his father specializing in weddings, events and reportage photography, he moved to Alta Badia where he started new projects on services for hotels and on architecture. Inspired by the beauty of the Dolomites, he was one of the first to specialize in analog 360 panoramic photography using modern equipment. After a long career in the dark room, in the early 2000s he switched to the digital world, continuing to reach excellent results. Today, he still specializes in hotel and architecture photography in collaboration with his son.