High resolution

like you have never seen

With the urge and curiosity of discovering new areas of expertise, Ugo started working on a new technique, still very much unknown: Gigapixel is a photographic technique that creates photos of high quality that can be used in various ways, like prints of very big formats with an extremely high resolution or online interactive projects of one or more images that can be joined together and various graphics or links can be added to it.

Here’s an example of an interactive Gigapixel taken in the locality of Seceda (Val Gardena) with two panoramas in very high resolution and the addition of two spherical photographs. Interact with the project and discover the beauty of the Dolomites !

gira telefono

Another way of using Gigapixel images is to implement them in short videos with a ‘’super-zoom’’ effect that can be programmed to catch the viewer’s attention.

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If you are interested in this service and you think this would suit your business, contact us and we can give you more information. We would be very happy to help you to be innovative and create a WOW effect.